Ragan Bristol

Jersey #: 16

Grad year: 2021

High School: Boiling Springs High School

GPA: 4.56

SAT: not taken yet   ACT: not taken yet

Bats: R  

Throws: R

Positions: Catcher, Outfield, 1st base

Resides: Spartanburg, SC

Email: raganbristol16@gmail.com

Athletic Awards:

2019 All Region
2019 Best Offensive Player
2019 Multisport Athletic Award
2019 Most Improved Player (basketball)
2016 All Conference


Academic Awards:
2018 Principles Honor Roll

2013-2018 Beta Club

What Field of study interested in for College: Pharmacy, sports management,
event planner 

Hobbies:  playing golf, shopping, hanging out with friends and family, and watching Netflix 

Favorite things to do: play softball and basketball. Hangout out with my dad.  

What have you learned from the game of softball: Teamwork, leadership skills, communication, time punctuation/being on time, encouragement to pursue one common goal with others, respecting and following instructions from authority.d that you can’t expect

to put in just a little bit of work and expect a great outcome.

RAGAN BRISTOL 1st homerun main.jpeg